We’ve been neglecting our faithful blog readers

We know we haven’t exactly been “updating” the blog lately. And we recognize that some of our faithful blog readers don’t have Facebook, and therefore aren’t getting some of the semi-regular photo and video posts on there. So, in an attempt to rectify this I (and hopefully Liz too) will try to be more diligent in our blog posting.

I am also going to post links to our Picasa and Youtube accounts to the right, where all new photos and videos of Nate get uploaded. So, if you are jonesin’ for a Nate fix and we haven’t posted in awhile, then you can click on over there and see if we’ve uploaded photos or videos that haven’t been posted yet.

I’ll hassle Liz about doing an update about Nate’s first Christmas and other happenings, but just wanted to let you know that you haven’t been forgotten. ‘Til then, here’s a funny video…

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Colorado Autumn

The whole family took a road trip to Gunnison this weekend. Liz had a work project up there that she needed to visit. So we drove up on Saturday morning and arrived shortly after noon. We met the people that she’s working with and headed up to the project site– the Alpine Tunnel, the highest narrow gauge tunnel ever constructed in the US at 11,500 feet. The line was only in operation for about 20 years, but great expense was made to construct it at such a high altitude. The site is accessed by driving up the old railroad grade, which is still in excellent shape though 4wd was advisable.

Gunnison, Alpine Tunnel & Black Canyon

The next day we drove west a bit to see the Black Canyon. We didn’t drive all the way to the national park, but drove along the north rim road at the east end of the canyon. We stopped back in Gunnison on the way back to go to Hartman Rock to let the dogs run around a bit before the long car ride back.

On the way home, we stopped for a late lunch in Salida. I think if we were ever to move elsewhere in Colorado, it would probably be to Salida or Gunnison. Both great little towns (though Salida’s a bit bigger than Gunnison), but I think a winter in Salida would be much more tolerable than one in Gunnison. Gunnison doesn’t get a ton of snow, but the average January low is -8 degrees… yikes.

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Four Months

Nate has his 4 month doctor’s appointment on Friday. We are both anxious to see how much he weighs now (officially). The kid is growing like a weed. It’s hard to imagine it’s been 4 months… seems like it has already flown by. It is really amazing his development in the last month. He’s started grabbing toys, rolling over from back to front, and holding his head up while on his stomach. Liz went back to work at the end of August. Her first week back my parents were visiting, so that worked out well and helped lessen the separation anxiety. So now we’ve settled into a routine with Liz and I working from home two days a week, Liz has Fridays off, and a nanny for two days. The nanny search is a whole ‘nother story… one that perhaps Liz should tell. But we are very happy with Kathy, the nanny we ended up selecting and hiring.

Nate will be taking his first plane ride in two weeks… heading down to Texas to meet Liz’s grandmother and to go to Alexis’ baby shower. Should be a good test run for the longer trip in November back to NC!

Some new Nate photos:

Nate 3-4 months

And three Nate videos that we’ve been lax in posting…

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Good morning, Ivy!


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Lillie & Papa Visit Nate

Mom and Dad came out to Colorado last week for their first visit since Nate’s birth. Liz also went back to work last week, so the visit was well-timed. Sadly, they are heading back to NC this afternoon but will get to see Nate again in 3 months when we head to NC for Thanksgiving!

Lillie & Papa Visit Nate
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Breaking News!

Okay, not really… but 3 month old parents get excited about the most mundane things.

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Lillie and Papa are in town!


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